DuraPlay Premium Golf Practice Mat - 5' x 5'



Brand:  DuraPlay

  • 5′ x 5′ with tufted pile height 1.125 inches
  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE QUALITY – heavy duty, commercial grade golf hitting mat holds a wooden tee
  • SAVE WEAR and TEAR ON YOUR HANDS and WRISTS – realistic feel turf, allows you to hit down on the golf ball, no shock, no bounce back
  • MADE IN THE USA – highest commercial quality materials, 100% nylon fiber type, super strong 6600 denier. Great for commercial driving ranges, country club, golf simulator or home use.
  • HOLDS WOODEN TEES plus has hole punch outs for rubber tees. The best of both worlds. BETTER VALUE than other competitor’s mats.
  • INVEST IN YOURSELF – you put the time and effort into training, invest in a premium golf hitting mat that will reward your dedication. 

Our DuraPlay Premium golf practice mat is our top of the line model with real feel turf. It is able to take a real tee without damaging the mat. Plus it has hole punch outs if you also want to use rubber tees.

Made in the USA with the finest quality materials to help you improve your golf swing.

-100% Nylon, 6600 denier

– Primary backing K29 stabilized multi-layered woven polypropylene with 5/8” Black PE secondary backing pad.

Use on any surface. Great for indoor / outdoor use, commercial driving ranges, country club, home, office and backyard use. Perfect for golf simulator use. Designed and engineered for tee line applications, great for hitting iron and tee shots.

You won’t be disappointed, take your game to the next level with our commercial golf mat heavy duty practice mat.

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Weight 45 lbs