Galileo Golf Hitting Net - 7’(W) x7’(H) x4’(D)



Brand:  Galileo

  • POP-UP SETUP: Open size: 7 x 7 x 4 ft. Our Galileo golf hitting net opens from a circle to a golf net in SECONDS!
  • SELF-CONTAINED: Patented Self-Contained System, golf ball gently rolls straight down after impact without bouncing or touching the floor.
  • STABILITY MATERIAL: Oxford, 50% PE+50%Nylon Net, 11mm Fiberglass.The weight of the fiberglass support rod is one third of the traditional iron pipe. It doesn’t rust or deform.
  • Includes carrying bag for easy transport and storage

The steps about the item(7x7x4 golf net):
Opening the net
Step 1: 
Remove net, stakes and target from the carry case.
Step 2: 
Throw the net away from people. Unfold it and lay it flat.
Step 3: 
Separate the front and the back parts and let the net stand upright.Connect the 4 spreader bars.
Step 4: 
Close the 2 velcro loops around the spreader bar.
Step 5: 
Attach target to the 4 corner plastic loops and fasten the net to the ground using the stakes.

Closing the net
Step 1:  Remove stakes and target.Detach spreader bars. Lay the net flat with the front facing down.
Step 2:  Go to any corner and fold to the other corner diagonally opposite. Hold both corners together in one hand and lift up.
Now here are three corners. One in your right hand and two on the ground.
Step 3:  Your right hand holding the net is now at 12 o’clock. Move your right hand clockwise to 3 o’clock. ensuring that the bottom right corner now lies flat on the ground.
Step 4:  Move the top left corner inwards and move your right hand counter clockwise to 12 o’clock.
Step 5:  Separate the 2 corners in your right hand. Your left hand holding the corner closest to you.
Your right hand holding the corner furthest from you. Move your left hand away and down and your right hand away and down.