wosofe Golf Chipping Net Set Practice Target Training Aids



Brand:  Wosofe

  • 3-in-1 25×16 inches Foldable Turf Grass Mat NET OPEN SIZE: 56inch(W)x45inch(H)x16inch(D)
  • Selling points: This golf practice hitting net can practice your chipping skills at home. You can practice different chip according to the height of the bullseye and different distances to practice different parabolic balls: lob, pitch, chip , running. This upgrade can improve your cutting ball technology to a greater degree.
  • [Designed carefully] – This golf net can be folded. Easy to carry and store, installation speed and simplicity. There are two sets of goals that can be exchanged for training. and the ball return net can save you a lot of time. These are designed for golfers.
  • [Applicable occasions] – This golf training aid net can be used at home, in the yard or outdoors. You can improve your golf skills with this training equipment in a safe environment.
  • [Quality materials] – The exterior of the golf practice net is waterproof poncho, which is smooth and durable. The mesh material is nylon, which is strong and wear resistant. The support rod is made of fiberglass, which is light, does not rust, is not easily deformed and with good elasticity.
  • [Package included] – A collapsible golf training net, two targets, a net for recycling balls, a mat,6 foam balls,2 practice balls and a storage bag.

You can use this golf training net to practice your swing and hit the target in your backyard.

You can also practice golf outdoor. This practice net is fully equipped with golf nets, targets, return nets, lawn . It can be folded and installed and stored, as well as a storage bag for easy carrying.

Recycling Ball Net

At the end of the practice net is a net for recycling balls that can collect the balls you play out so you can save a lot of time picking up the ball. Let you enjoy golf more.

  • This golf chipping net set also includes grass mat. It has three different lengths of grass. It can meet different needs such as wedge, iron, driver and putter. At home, you can use the practice net as a target and practice different clubs at different distances, such as 9 # iron 7 # iron or 56 degree wedge, to achieve better. Effect of practice
  • However, it needs to be reminded that cutting a pole at a long distance in the home has certain risks. Please do not hit the lamps and furniture, electrical appliances at home.

The fixed brackets better support your golf practice net, making your net more stable, and you can practice shooting and swinging better.

This golf equipment contains a full range of practice tools, including practice nets, two sets of targets, a lawn , two golf balls, six rainbow balls, a return net, a fixed bracket and some golf tee.

This golf grip can be folded and stored at will, so you can easily carry the whole set of golf equipment in a round storage bag. It is easy for you to practice golf anywhere.

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Weight 7.2 lbs