GOLF Pad TAGS - Real Time Golf Tracking and Game Analysis System



Brand: Golf Pad Tags

  • Turn your Android and iPhone phone into the ultimate golf tracking and analysis companion
  • Easy to use, know how far you really hit each club, get intelligent club recommendations
  • Club distances shot dispersion distance trends fairways hit or missed greens in regulation scoring analysis course strategy putting
  • Includes 15 tags, no batteries to replace or recharge

Product Description

Golf Pad TAGS – (for iPhone and Android users) Perfect for golfers of all skill levels who want to automatically track, analyze and improve their game in real-time.


TAGS come with 15 durable, ultra-lightweight tags. Tags are so light they won’t affect your swing. Apply one to each club and use with the free, top-rated Golf Pad GPS app available at the Apple App Store and Google Play. A simple tap before each shot tracks the exact distance and club choice.


It works on any of 40,000 world-wide courses.

Receive club recommendations based on distance to target, playing history, elevation change, temperature, humidity, altitude.


Automatically track:

Shot dispersion for every club.

Club distances

Fairways hit or missed

Greens in regulation

Distance trends

Scoring analysis

Course strategy



Make better playing decisions based on real data, not guesses. Get in-depth analysis by category:


long game


short game



See your stats while you are on the course with your Android phone or smartwatch. Works with Android Wear, Pebble, Samsung Gear and Magellan Echo. Conforms to tournament rules.

See how you compare to other golfers. Learn exactly what to work on to play your best.


Golf Pad TAGS work with iPhone 7 or later running iOS 12 or later. Works with most NFC enabled Android phones.


Turn your Android phone into the ultimate golf tracking and analysis companion. With GOLF TAGS the following statistics will be tracked automatically: • Club distances • Shot dispersion • Distance trends • Fairways hit or missed • Greens in regulation • Scoring analysis • Course strategy • Putting

And the best part is we are always adding more statistics and insights. So your GOLF TAGS will be getting more and more useful over time.

Every detail about your round is saved automatically. You can re-live past rounds at any time or share them with friends and family. Imagine looking at your last round ten years from now.

GOLF TAGS are fully compatible with most popular smartwatches, including Android Wear, Pebble, Samsung Gear and Magellan Echo. See the club confirmation and the distance of the last shot whenever you scan a tag. And your watch works as a golf GPS the rest of the time.


Additional information

Weight 4.8 lbs