IMPACT SNAP Golf Swing Training Aid - Left Handed




  • Golf Digest’s Best Training Aids for Golf 2019 – For the fourth year in a row, the IMPACT SNAP is named golf’s ‘best full swing training aid’ by Golf Digest. Practice anytime, anywhere with the only swing tool that trains for speed with the proper wrist conditions
  • ACHIEVE THE PERFECT IMPACT POSITION EVERY TIME – The IMPACT SNAP teaches a muscle memory pattern that forces you to adopt proper release mechanics. Seamlessly train your wrists to fire the three movements essential to a proper golf swing: Ulnar Deviation, Flexion, and Supination
  • ALL NEW CLUBHEAD ATTACHMENT (sold separately) – Now the IMPACT SNAP provides more precise visual feedback as you square the clubface at impact. With the new attachment you can see how the wrists affect the clubface throughout the entire golf swing. A must for more visual learners. CLUBHEAD SOLD SEPARATELY
  • CREATED & ENDORSED BY PGA PROFESSIONALS – 22 top-100 instructors are teaching with the award-winning training aid. Including: Mike Bender, Hank Haney, Bobby Clampett and inventor, Kelvin Miyahira. Fix your impact and change your game forever
  • SAY GOODBYE TO EXPENSIVE LESSONS – The IMPACT SNAP, developed by 4-time PGA Section Teacher of the Year, Martin Nowicki helps golfers feel perfect impact and compression. Resolve leading to quick improvement when used every day until improper mechanics are a thing of the past.

    More Distance, Control & Consistency

    When you release properly your ball flight and control can improve dramatically. By providing both the feel and sound to encourage proper movements, the IMPACT SNAP makes perfect impact geometry as simple as a snap.

    Train Low-Impact

    The IMPACT SNAP is perfect for low-impact training while recovering from or preventing injury. If you can’t get out and play, you can still train to develop muscle memory for proper mechanics.

    Practice Anytime & Anywhere

    Train indoors, outdoors, at work or in the comfort of you own home. Repetition from using the IMPACT SNAP will eventually replace any bad habits with the right ones. So don’t hesitate to take the trainer with you on the go.

    Release like a Tour Player

    One of the biggest differences between scratch golfers and hacks is at the point of impact. If your wrists and forearms are not connecting the right way, you’re breaking down at impact, flipping, scooping, or even chicken-winging, the higher your handicap is going to be. It’s that simple.

    A flat-lead wrist and lowercase “y” position is paramount for consistency and compression. Take a look at the swings of some of the world’s best golfers and see how their impact geometry matches up. Pick up an IMPACT SNAP and feel the difference for yourself. Achieve perfect impact on every swing.


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