Lock-in Golf Grip V2



  • Recommended settings were created from analyzing the averages of the PGA and LPGA players. Set it for hooks/draws, fades/slices and straight shots. Also set it for bunker shots! Try the recommended settings, adjust if desired then “lock it in”!


  • By perfecting your grip and wrist hinge, you will take less power to send the ball further to greater distance. Your golf buddies will notice your swing changes on the golf course and will want to know how on earth you improved so fast.


  • Mostly made of firm but flexible polyurethane plastic to gently lock your hand in place. A soft padding that will make you more adapted and give you a more comfortable using experience.


  • The difference is in quality you can feel. Made in the USA with American parts. Features a utility patent pending design. Built for endurance and 1 year Manufacturer Warranty Against Defects.


  • Practice is one very essential part of golf; there is no way around it. Heading to the driving range to hit golf balls is a good start but you need to have a practice plan. Regular practice will improve swing technique and help you gain more consistent contact and distance control.

Are you hitting unwanted slices or hooks? Having problems hitting off of the ground? Unable to consistently hit it long? Chances are you are gripping the club incorrectly and making an improper wrist hinge. The Lock-in Golf Grip bio mechanically sets your hands correctly on the grip and teaches the proper wrist hinge like the pros. Gripping the club incorrectly creates other bad body compensations throughout the golf swing and become difficult habits to break. Get the Lock-in Golf Grip and create the correct muscle memory. Set it to the recommended setting and adjust if needed. Find what works best for you then lock it in!

Featured at the 2019 PGA Merchandise show, the Lock-in Golf Grip Training System teaches proper wrist hinge, and forces correct hand placement to give you the perfect swing.

Follow the 6 Step Program to unleash your potential.

Two sizes: Large – (Fits large and x-large hands), Small – (Fits medium and smaller hands).

Orientation: Right Handed golfer (Fits over the left hand), Left Handed golfer (Fits over the right hand).

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Weight 1 lbs