Luricaa Golf Putting Green Mat Professional Golf Training 10' x 4'



Brand: Luricaa

  • 10′ x 4′
  • True roll surface: Luricaa golf putting green is designed to simulate real golf putting green. Ball rolls on putting surface like rolling on a real course. With one of our putting green, you can enjoy and hone your golf skills right from the comfort of your home without having to drive far away to an actual golf course.
  • Durable: Our putting green is made of heavy-duty rubber base and EXTRA-LONG of 40mm PE grass. All material being used on this putting mat is eco-friendly and high-quality that ensures putting green will service you for a long time.
  • For indoor & outdoor use: Bad weather can hinder you from going out to enjoy a game of golf. However, with this golf putting green, this changes. You can still enjoy this beautiful game with an indoor playing surface, or you can practice putting outsides on your backyard on a sunny day with couple of friends.
  • Improve golf skill: This putting green sizes as 10ft by 5ft with three putting holes which allows you to putt flexibly within different golfing distance and improve your golf skills effectively. You can then go out and impress friends and colleagues with just how good you have become at swinging your club.
  • Best Gift: Luricaa golf putting green will be a perfect gift to your friends on their birthday or any other big occasion that they have. It is a perfect gift if you are looking to foster a better relationship with your loved ones especially if they are fans of golf. Any loved one you gift this mat will appreciate and keep you in mind for all days.
  • 1 putting mat, 3 set stainless steel cups & flags


Our high quality putting green is made of durable material that is easy to lay out and adheres well to any surface that it is placed on.It also easily flattens which makes even a better surface for playing golf on.


LURICAA putting green can be rolled up to store easily You can take it away with you wherever you want. Easy to carry putting mat for any indoor outdoor surface.


Comes with Stainless steel cups and flags which produces a certain sound whenever you put a ball in it. Luxury putting mat have putting holes which are as the same size as real hole on golf course.

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Weight 21.8 lbs