Milliard Golf 3-in-1 Turf Grass Mat



Brand:  Milliard

  • Milliard Golf 3-in-1 Turf Grass Mat – 25 x 16 Inches – Foldable
  • Don’t ruin your carpet or green grass in your yard to tune up your golf game! Practice your shot on artificial turf that simulates a real fairway from the comfort of your home or office.
  • 3 different turfs to practice strokes on smooth, rough and putting greens to perfect a perfect drive, chip, or putt. Great for Indoor, outdoor and backyard use.
  • Take your portable mini golf course with you to the driving range to practice unrestrained by power or distance! Folds out to fit easily into most stalls and tee platforms. Folds up into a svelte, portable package.
  • Rubberized EVA foam backing feels like real turf, keeps your mat from slipping, folds when in storage. Golf Grass types include: Bentgrass, Fescues, Rye Grass, Kentucky Blue Grass, Smooth-stalked Meadow Grass, Bermuda Grass and Paspalum
  • Total area: 25 x 16in. Greens: 8.3 x 16in. (x3). Folds into 8.3 x 16 x 4.2in. package.

Par from Home
Golfing is a pastime that requires monumental patience and skill, with many avid golfers spending countless hours on the green practicing their game so that a very tiny ball can get to a very tiny hole hundreds of yards away in as few strokes as possible. It’s hard to fit those hours into an average work week, though, and even the best golfers know that their perfect swing is a perishable skill. With our Portable 3-in-1 Training Mat, you can keep those skills sharp from anywhere, whether it’s out at the driving range, your backyard deck, or the office parking lot. Just mind your neighbors!

Hole in Fun
Knowing your greens can make all the difference between a Birdie and a Bogey, and many expensive clubs are bent over a careless slice or a chip into the bunker. With three greens to choose from, you can put in the practice to get that perfect stroke before your next game and save the grief over your nice clubs. Swing away all day in groomed 35mm teeing ground, wild 35mm rough grass, and cropped 16mm putting green to test out your long drives and chip shots in privacy. After all, no one needs to see you try out that trick shot you saw one time on TV. …unless you want them to.

Floor to Fairway
Nothing beats the feel of real turf under your feet, but our mat is designed to come as close to it as possible.  The Milliard Golf 3-in-1 Turf Grass Mat is 25in. wide and 16in. long, it fits easily into most stalls at a driving range, and it folds into an 8x16in. strip to pack it away just as easily in a golf bag or briefcase. Its rubbery EVA foam backing feels soft and squishy like real turf, keeps the mat planted where you put it, and resists creases when in storage – no landscaper required.

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Weight 5.2 lbs