Orange Peel Balance Trainer



  • Improve balance. The foundation of athletic performance, balance ensures greater power and consistency throughout your golf swing.
  • Replicates golf course conditions. Be prepared for any golf course terrain with this proprietary platform designed to replicate lie angles.
  • Strengthens legs and core. Increases flexibility of motion by strengthening golf muscles while stabilizing and supporting the hips and core.
  • Prevent sway. The platform’s shape prevents lateral movement and maintains your center of gravity for a better swing.
  • 2 year warranty. Handcrafted in the USA from premium-grade materials built for exceptional durability and flexibility.

Orange Peel Balance TrainerThe Perfect Foundation for All Your Swing Training Needs!The Peel has a concave surface so your stance naturally finds its center and balances your core while simultaneously providing the flexibility to replicate a variety of golf course lie angles.Orange Peel Balance Trainer features: * Concave shape engages your body into a natural stance * Recreates all possible slope conditions on a golf course * Promotes a proper rotating golf swing * Prevents lateral swaying * Effectively adjusts your swing plane * Perform 2-3 sets, 10-15 reps per set for results * Dimensions: 44″ x 24″


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Weight 18.2 lbs