Precision Impact Golf Swing Training Aid



  • FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS: Precision Impact was designed for golfers of every skill level
  • COMFORTABLE & EASY TO USE: The Precision Impact Training Aid is designed to help you learn with comfort and ease.
  • VISUAL & AUDIBLE FEEDBACK: Quickly visualize proper swing angles and get audible feedback to dial in swing positions.
  • TAKE RANGE GAME TO THE COURSE: From tee to green, the Precision Impact training aid will help you in real play scenarios
  • USE WITH EVERY CLUB: The versatile training aid can be used with woods, irons, wedges and putters.Practice with Precision… For the best game of your life.Precision Impact literally forces the ideal club head position at impact. It will also accelerate the learning process for the entire swing.Whether hitting driver, pitching, or chipping the club head has to lag behind the hands – creating crisp, flawless contact with the ball. Precision Impact forces that same perfect hand position for every type of shot, for every shot in your bag.


    Only Tour Players consistently experience the amazing, powerful feeling of compressing the ball at impact – UNTIL NOW!

    With PRECISION IMPACT, golfers at all levels can feel, and learn to repeat, this mind-blowing sensation of crisp ball striking!

    * Proper wrist set (audible feedback)

    * Correct backswing rotation lag (Critical)

    * Aggressive rotation through impact

    * High, balanced finish

    * Precision Impact works for every swing – including putting…..


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Weight 1 lbs