Pro Path Golf Putting Mirror - Putting Training Aid





PUTT-ON-THE-GO: Lightweight & portable, this golf alignment mirror can easily be used at home or office, of course on the practice green. To make things even easier, we’ve included a handy fabric carrying case that doubles as a cleaning cloth. Providing very user-friendly experience with one of the elite putting aids for golf training equipment.  Also, great golf gifts for men or women in your family looking to improve their golf games. Dimensions: 17” (L) x 8 ½” (W) FITS INSIDE MOST GOLF BAGS

MORE BIRDIES & EAGLES: Our Pro Path golf putting Mirror training aids are designed to help improve your mechanics and fundamentals for the most-used club in the game. That’s right, it’s the putter. Improve your eyeline and shoulder alignment with this practice trainer and you’ll line up the perfect path to the cup more often, knocking strokes off your game. The ultimate in golf accessories for men and women. A perfect product to use on a putting green indoor mat.

BREAK RIGHT, OR LEFT: Isn’t that the question you ask yourself when lining up your putt, which way will it break? Well, we can’t help you with that but this deluxe putting mirror golf training aid is designed to help minimize excessive side spin and promote a better roll for distance, control, and accuracy. Then all you’ll need is a one of those putting green with golf ball return. This product will have you so dialed in it will be like using a golf rangefinder with slope.

RIGHT, OR LEFT HAND APPROVED: It doesn’t matter if your a righty or a lefty, this two-sided golf swing training aid can accommodate you. It makes the perfect golf gift for men, women, and all the people in your life who love the game. Great to use on an indoor putting mat for practice too! You’ll be hitting so many golf balls your accuracy will greatly improve especially if you’re practicing with golf mats for home use or your outdoor golf game.

💯GOLF-TIME WARRANTY: This durable putting swing trainer is constructed of quality plexiglass and aluminum, built to last as long as you play the game. But if for any reason you are unsatisfied, we will provide a full refund on any of our golf alignment putting mirrors, unlike most other women or mens golf gadgets.

Improve Motion & Feedback

The Pro Path’s Natural Arc was designed by PGA professionals Richard Woodhouse and Grant Field, after it was found that traditional mirrors didn’t provide an example of how the putting stroke should look and feel when executed correctly. The natural arc provides you real-time feedback during the motion, and acts as a guide to boost consistency through better posture and motion. It’s an amazing training aid to help you get comfortable before going out on the course. By getting you setup in the correct position, posture and motion we’re confident you’ll notice improvement!

Pro Path Putting

Increased accuracy and skill is simply a matter of time and practice when you add this alignment tool to your collection of golfing equipment.

Our golf alignment mirrors/swing trainer comes with four putting gates which aid you in finding the perfect path for every putt.

Makes great golf gifts for men or women – their scorecard will thank you!

What’s Included

(1) Putting Mirror (4) Putting Gates (1) Carrying Bag

Pursuit of The Perfect Path

Award-Winning Professional PGA trainers Richard Woodhouse and Grant Field have decades of combined experience in helping golfers achieve more on course.

They work with golfers of all skill levels, including touring PGA players, and have teamed up to apply the best aspects of their training methods and tools.

We are currently developing multiple lines of innovative products, and provides a library of quality training content that is growing all the time.

Improve Posture & Motion

Having consistent reference points for the shoulders, eyes, and an arc optimized for the perfect putt aids in building consistency among golfers of all skill levels.

Control Putt Distance

Control putting distance easily by placing tees in the “backstroke” slots, and reduce the number of putts that come up short, or overshoot the hole.

Take Strokes Off your Game

Through the muscle memory of repeated use, dial in all aspects of your short game and watch the practice translate into results.

Additional information

Weight 2.05 lbs