ProAdvanced ProInfinity Golf Putting Mat




Color: green


  • WHAT’S NEW IN 2020 – Enhanced materials bring more accurate speeds and longer durability. 12 accessories help you to build own and unique Green in INFINITY ways. New training book guide you to Pro level in the most professional and effective way
  • UNIQUE FEATURES – Metal Golf Goal adds extra control tech; Slope Simulators customize slopes in 5 precise angles; 4 STIMP SPEEDS from 8-12.5; Analyze & correct your putting with Visible Ball Traces;
    Perfect Your Alignment with Stroke Guideline
  • PROFESSIONAL TRAINING – Perfect Your Distance & Direction Control on 25 Training Bands;
  • COMPETITIVE & FUN – The most well received solution for family & company parties or team building events. Varied game modes will light the atmosphere
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY – Top Level Polyester Material and 100% Eco-friendly. It unrolls flat and rolls up smoothly all the time with long-lasting durability. The anti-slippery material on the bottom ensures the stability on all kinds of floor conditions
  • UNCOMPARABLE BENEFITS – We provide extra benefits because we believe that Golf is about the game of honor. Those unique benefits include FREE new accessories, new training books and videos, to guarantee your 100% satisfaction

Publisher: ProActive Sports, Inc.

Details: Now our brand new Metal Golf Goal and Slope Creators have been added to ProInfinity Putting Mat Package, bring TRIPLE VALUE and EXPERIENCE to users! Perfect your putting on any green speed or surface. Practice any type of putts with perfect strokes. The ProInfinity Putting Mat is the ultimate premium mat to simulate actual putting green conditions. This advanced putting green has 4 different putting speeds, a true-roll surface and 6 pieces movable slope foam wedges to vary the mats’ putting angles. It also comes with a life-like silicon hole and a metal hole which can be placed anywhere on the mat for all kinds of practice. The ball leaves a trail on the mat which allows for analysis of each putt. With numerous training exercises & games, this perfect roll out mat will improve your feel, alignment and consistency in any putting scenario and will be great for fun competitions and games with friends and family. 4 Speed Green Technology: The 4 Stimp speeds vary from 8 (typical green speeds) to 12.5 (Masters Tournament green speeds). The speed depends on how the polyester fiber was brushed with supplied Mat Roller. Slope Simulator: simple design but can be put anywhere to form 2 or 3 terrains, and simulate many different slopes in different length, height and width. More practical,more functional! Custom Your Unique Green ! Visible Ball Tracing Technology: help you analyze and improve your shots. Eraser rod for easy ball trace removal. Package Includes : 1x Four Speed ProInfinity Putting Mat with Ball Trace, 1x Silicone Hole Cup, 1x Metal Golf Goal, 2x Slope Simulators (Large & Small), 6x Foam Wedges, 1x Ball Baffle, 1x Brush Bar, 1x Introduction Book. Size :10ft x 20in (3M x 0.5M). Product Warranty: At ProAdvanced, we are proud of our designs and products. That’s why we back them all with an 12 month warranty, providing friendly and timely support!​