SharperGolf 10' x 20" Premium Indoor Putting Mat with Putting Mirror Carry Bag and Accessories Golf Putting Green Mat Indoor System



  • PRACTICE PUTTING INDOORS: The SharperGolf Putting Mat is designed to help you practice your putting indoors and make putting fun. The golf mat measures 10 feet x 20 inches and has different putting zones from 1 foot to 8 foot measured putting lengths.
  • ✅ LAYS FLAT INSTANTLY: Unlike other putting mats, this mat will lay flat instantly. Also, there is no need to brush the mat fibers flat after each putt. Our mat is designed for repetitive practice with little to no maintenance.
  • ✅ IMPROVE YOUR PUTTING ABILITY: This indoor putting green is designed to be the perfect practice putting mat. The mat has 3 lines that will allow the golfer to judge how straight the golf ball is rolling instantly. The Sharper Golf Putting Mat Indoor system allows you to keep your putting game sharp all year. This putting mat is designed for putting game improvement.
  • ✅ DO PUTTING DRILLS OR PLAY GAMES WITH FRIENDS: Use the included drills and games to stay entertained for hours and become a better putter. This mat is designed to make your golf practice fun. Unlike hitting putts on a boring golf putting green, this mat will keep things fun and interesting for hours.
  • ✅ INCLUDES FREE PUTTING MIRROR: The SharperGolf Putting Mat system includes a putting mirror so that you can practice the perfect setup and putting stroke every time. Also included is a storage bag, 2 x green ball markers for marking a line on your golf ball and a set of instructions, drills and games.

SharperGolf is a Premium Golf Product Brand with products designed to Sharpen Your Game! We sell products that are designed for average golfers to use at home. All of our products are premium quality and designed to last.

The SharperGolf Putting Mat is a 10 feet x 20 inches and is the perfect size for an indoor putting mat. The The putting green features a non-slip bottom that will prevent the indoor putting mat from moving around while you are using it. The putting mat comes with a putting mirror that will help you with alignment, strike and squaring the putter face. The putting golf mat also comes with a travel / storage bag to keep your mat from getting damaged during storage. This putting mats indoor uses are more than just practice. Included in the box are Instructions, Putting Drills and even Games that you can play. You will never have a dull putting secession again.

A Putting Mat Designed for Improvement and Fun

The SharperGolf Putting Mat is designed to give you instant feedback on your putting stroke. Using the included drills sheet will allow you to know within the first few putts is you are making a good putting stroke. With the help of the included putting mirror you will also be able to practice the perfect putting setup every time.  Your putting game will improve and you will have fun doing it.

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