SWINGALIGN New and Improved Swing Align Golf Swing Training Aid




  • ALIGN PERFECTLY EVERY TIME! – Swing Align makes alignment as easy as looking down. Improve both your accuracy and power by developing a perfectly square set up.
  • FULLY ROTATE AND STAY CONNECTED! – Swing Align Golf Swing Training Aid provides great visual feedback at the top of the swing to help you turn your body on the proper swing plane and eliminate the common problem of coming over the top on the downswing. Groove a more repeatable swing as the connection belt keeps the arms from separating during the swing, eliminating the dreaded chicken wing, and letting you feel how to use your big muscles to create power.
  • USE WITH ANY CLUB FROM DRIVER TO PUTTER! – Rehearse key swing positions or hit balls with any club to gain consistency, power, and accuracy. Take control over your chipping and putting stroke by maintaining the perfect triangle with the NEW Swing Align Short game rod!
  • GROOVE A REPEATABLE CHIPPING AND PUTTING STROKE! – Learn short game consistency and distance control by learning to maintain the triangle formed by your arms and shoulders to avoid flipping or swiping at the ball.
  • IMPORTANT SIZING INFORMATION: Swing Align Standard fits most golfers and is sized for biceps measuring under 13.5″ in circumference while hanging at rest. Arm sizes larger than 13.5″ should use a Swing Align XL.


Swing Align makes setting up correctly to your target as easy as looking down.


Get the rod perpendicular to the target line and you’re ready to make a great downswing.


The connection belt guides your swing and keeps your arms and body synchronized.


If the rod is horizontal at the top you have stayed on the correct swing plane.

Groove A More Consistent Golf Swing

Swing Align is a revolutionary new golf swing training aid developed with the help of top PGA Tour instructors and pros like Gil Morgan, Vijay Singh, Ernie Els, and Henrik Stenson. Swing Align is designed so that you can align perfectly every time for vastly improved accuracy. The device allows you to SEE and FEEL a perfectly connected swing, which is key to developing consistency, and ultimately more power. It takes complicated swing mechanics like connection, rotation, swing plane, and makes them easy to understand through a very simple method.

It’s one thing to be told how to correct a problem with your swing, or to be shown the correct way, but it’s something else entirely to be able to SEE and FEEL the correct positions for yourself. Swing Align is a device that can help golfers of any skill level. The instant visual and bio-mechanical feedback provide information as valuable to someone who has never swung a club as to the skilled golfer who is perfecting the details.

Golf Alignment And Connection

Swing Align immediately addresses alignment and lack of connection in the arms and body – the two big barriers between you and consistency in your swing. Alignment is something that golfers of all skill levels struggle with, and is the first step to any good swing. The device is worn across the upper body just above the elbows. The rod that runs through the device’s cuffs allows you to see your exact body line, which allows you to set up square to your target by simply looking down.

The flexible cuffs of the Swing Align device are held together by its adjustable connection belt. This belt keeps your arms and torso working together in unison, and helps to eliminate the dreaded chicken wing. When the arms lack connection to the big muscles of your torso, you lose power, accuracy, and consistency. When properly connected, you transfer power from your core to your arms and hands, then down the club to the golf ball. A well synchronized and fully connected swing is what all golfers seek.

Golf Rotation And Swing Plane

Problems with consistency come from problems with your backswing. If you want to deliver the club to the ball consistently, your backswing needs to be technically sound. More often than not, rotation is the problem. The arms and body need to work together to create as much power as possible through rotation, or coil. With the Swing Align it’s never been easier to see if you’ve made a full turn. At the top of your backswing the rod across your arms needs to be perpendicular to your target line. If you get the rod on the ground and the one on your arms to make a T, you’re in a good spot.

The top of your swing is also a great time to check if you’ve stayed in the correct plane. To see if you’ve maintained your spine angle, when checking that rod at the top of your backswing you should make sure that it’s level to the ground, or tilted slightly forward. This puts you in a position to deliver the club to the ball without the common error of coming over the top.

Short-Game And More

Swing Align can be used with any club in your bag, from putter to driver. For short game drills most people are going to need the XL version of the device. Simply wear the Swing Align on your legs, above your knees. With it in this position it not only reveals your body line, but also makes obvious any leg movement. For putting the goal is for the rod to remain still, you want to restrict movement to your upper body. For chipping the opposite is true, make sure you’ve engaged those legs!

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