VISUALIZE TRI-LINE Golf Ball Alignment Kit



  • There are a lot of golf training aids, but the 3 line TRI-LINE Alignment Kit will improve your golf now!
  • Keep one liner and included pen at home, and one liner and pen in the bag! Improve your putting!
  • Of all the golf ball liners on the market, but this is unique! The 3-line Tri-Liner helps see the lines!
  • Like a golf stamp. Make more putts on the the green! Triple your confidence with the Tri-line alignment aids.
  • This 2-pack gives you two golf ball alignment tools and two pens with fine and medium tips!

The Visualize TRI-LINE golf ball alignment Kit will triple your confidence on the putting green by making it easier to keep your putter face square to the hole. The 3 lines (three lines) help zero in on the target, both from behind the ball and at address, and will provide immediate improvement. Of all the golf accessories, the VISUALIZE Tri-LIne alignment kit provides some of the most immediate impact. Whether you take it out on the practice green, or straight to your local course, you will notice an improvement. Mix it with the VISUALIZE Divot Tool for your favorite golf gifts. The alignment tools come with the primary purpose of marking your favorite brand of golf balls with the 3 lines, but also include several different shapes to aid in marking the golf ball to avoid any confusion. The kit includes two pens, a black marker and blue marker with fine and medium tips. Mark your golf balls like you mean it, and sink more putts. If you know that you putt for dough, then this is the golf accessory set for you!

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Weight .25 lbs